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Who Are The Stubbies?

Stubbies are short and stocky characters. They are about half a meter tall. All are vegan. They live in a different parallel universe. They belong to many different classes. Humans, Orcs, Elves, cats, monkeys and countless other unknown classes. They live in a magical world. There are 1000 different stubby that we know. But this number may increase in the future. Because what we know about them is still about 10%.

The Stubbies 64 Project

The Stubbies 64 is a total of 1000 unique, handmade and very high quality nft projects.
It will be one of the biggest and unique projects of the “Pixel World”.
A special code has been entered for all NFTs (with the program) Metaplex – Candy Machine 2 certified. It cannot be copied, imitated or stolen. All your rights are protected.
The Stubby format was developed by tattoo artist Aryen Sangha. It is completely original and dynamic. It is constantly developing and renewing itself.
Our priority is quality visual art. Each character and background is special and unique. Our collection is collectible. It is a project whose value will increase day by day. In the next stage, we will start to develop our game project.

Why Do We Trust Our Project So Much ?

The Stubbies 64 collection is purely artistic. It is a long term project. Our project covers a period of approximately 5 years. During this time, we aim to be in continuous development. As you know, we will not even remember the names of many projects in the future. Our project will be permanent. Because we take every step by calculating. We work with the most professional people in the field.. We are based on solid foundations. We draw our strength from real art. We are signing a project with a real spirit. Each piece in our project is a unique work of art. There is never a generator or copy/paste.

Why should I buy Stubby?

Stubbies are completely unique artistic works. it is collectible. With each new character, their value will increase. There will be 1000 different nfts in total. All are handmade. Signed by
Aryen Sangha.
Nft Means the future. And do not miss one of the most open projects of the future.

What Are The Features Of Stubbies 64 ?

Stubbies are pixel nft characters. Almost all of them have their own special background.
Stubby characters are inspired by nature and fairy-tale worlds. Does not repeat itself. Generator is not
used. The number of pixels is approximately 64 x 64 and enlarged to 640 x 640. Each character has its
own unique item, level, type and gender. Each character has a unique signature symbol of the artist.
located in the upper left corner. It can be in different colors. Each character is equal to each other. One is
not superior to the other. But it’s normal for some characters to become more popular over time.

Stubbies Rarity System

All stubbies are equal. One is not superior to the other. Over time some stubbies may become more
popular. This is a completely natural process. All nfts produced by the artist are of equal value. Every nft
has the same signature symbol. It is located in the upper left corner. Their colors may be different. This is
not an indication of any superiority. Every Stubby is unique. Each of them has separate features and
unique background.

How Can I Buy a Stubby ?

The Stubbies 64 series officially are minted. We are now on the Magic Eden Marketplace (Solana Blockchain) where real artists meet. Visit us now ▼